• Rachel Quarmby-Spadaccini costume designer  fitting masks for the premiere of Between Dogs and Wolves Wiener Straatsballett 04/03/20

    Rachel Quarmby-Spadaccini

    Specialised costume design and fabrication

    of astronaut, science fiction, animal, organic and aged costumes

  • Rachels career spans over 24 years of costume design and costume making.


    Her career began by designing costumes for ballet and contemporary dance for opera houses internationally. Her love of dance and movement in costume continues,

    as in the recent work for New York City Ballet/Pontus Lidberg.

    Her worked progressed into film where her interest in space suit and science fiction costumes is called upon by feature film and publicity.

    The distressing and ageing of costumes and techniques of dyeing fabric by hand are a particular passion.

    Quoting one journalist about Eden Log feature film "the costumes look as if they have been to hell and back".

    She has created obese costumes for Dany Boon and The Royal Swedish Ballet.

    Organic costumes for Zone Blanche and The Verdun Centenary in France.

    Animal costumes for publicity, television, The Royal Danish Ballet and the bird costume in Labriths new single "Miracle".

    And a robot costume for The Golden Age Circus in Kuwait.


    Born in England, Rachel studied constructed textiles in Manchester College of Art receiving a BA Honours Degree. Her early career was in sculpture installations for public buildings. In 1992 she moved to France, where her love of textiles motivated her to begin her career in costume.

  • "Centaur" choreography Pontus Lidberg

    design of graffiti vintage costumes

    Danish Dance Theatre 2020

    "Miracle" Labrinth

    Feather Costume for music video

    Division Paris 2019

    broken image

    "The Shimmering Asphalt"

    Costume creation for 15 dancers

    New York City Ballet / Pontus Lidberg 2017

    Publicity Canal + "The Cube"

    Costumes by Rachel /

    JC Spadaccini SFX

    Midi Minuit Production 2015

    "Zone Blanche" saison 2

    Costume Cer Nounos by Rachel /

    JC Spadaccini SFX

    Ego Production 2019

  • major clients


    Pontus Lidberg : choreograph

    Theater Basel 2020

    Danish Dance Theatre 2020

    Wiener Straatsballett 2020

    New York City Ballet 2017

    Semperoper Dresden 2013

    Grand Théâtre de Genève 2012

    The Royal Swedish Ballet 2012

    The Royal Danish Ballet 2010



    Jean-Pierre Jeunet 2020

    Mathieu Turi 2020

    Sean Ellis 2019

    Zone Blanche Series 2016/17/18/19

    Talal Selhami 2015

    Thierry Lorenzi 2011

    Bruno Podalydès 2011

    Franck Vestiel 2007

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